ForumVol. 17, No. 2 (2017)

A Learning-oriented Assessment Perspective on Scenario-based Assessment

Brian A. Carroll

Teachers College, Columbia University


Traditional high-stakes, large-scale language assessments are known for their standardized formats and stable psychometric properties; however, recently researchers have been re-conceptualizing language assessment design and development theories and methodologies to more closely reflect the knowledge, skills and abilities required of 21st century students. Attempting to confront the evolving notions of instruction, learning, and assessment, the learning-oriented assessment (LOA) framework theorizes the dynamic interactions within the classroom. Concurrently, scenario-based assessment (SBA) has emerged as a suite of assessment design and development features and guidelines directed at meeting contemporary assessment needs. This analysis will indicate the extent the theoretical framework of LOA can be used to indicate and theoretically support salient design features included in SBA, and in so doing attempt to align these two perspectives into a unified set of design and development considerations.