Book Reviews

Domains and Directions in the Development of TBLT

Published Dec 22, 2017

Abstract If one has to use a catchy word to capture the connection between the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Language Teaching (LT), the word “task” would be most likely to jump to mind. Since its initial proposals in the late 1980s, the concept has now blossomed into a distinct field of research,… Read more

Zhōng Jiè Yǔ Yǔ Yán Xué Duō Wéi Yán Jiū [Multidimensional Studies in Interlanguage Linguistics].

Published Jun 23, 2017

Abstract Since the term “interlanguage” was coined by Larry Selinker in 1972 to refer to the systematic knowledge of a second language (L2) that is independent of both a learner’s first or native language (L1) and the target language (TL) (Ellis, 2008), it has received a tremendous amount of attention in the second language acquisition… Read more

Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges to Educational Equity: Connecting Academic Language Proficiency to Student Achievement

Published Dec 31, 2016

Abstract Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges to Educational Equity: Connecting Academic Language Proficiency to Student Achievement is a comprehensive resource that intends to build bridges that promote educational equity, particularly in the areas of instruction and assessment. The book consists of two parts each of which includes four chapters. Part I, entitled “Assessment as a… Read more

Learners’ privilege and responsibility: A critical examination of the experiences and perspectives of learners from Chinese backgrounds in the United States

Published Jul 18, 2016

Abstract According to the Institute of International Education (2013), Chinese students from K-12 to higher education account for approximately 25% of all international students in the United States. As a result, it is imperative that educators show concern and support for them, as they are shaped by the culture of their home country and challenged… Read more

Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse

Published Dec 30, 2015

Abstract Second language (L2) classroom discourse (CD) refers to the interactional practices employed in teaching language in instructed learning contexts. Since language is both the medium and the content, the teacher plays a central role in the L2 classroom context (Walsh, 2006). Specifically, the teacher uses language to provide comprehensible input, model appropriate pragmatic competence,… Read more

Understanding Silence and Reticence: Ways of Participating in Second Language Acquisition

Published Jun 16, 2015

Abstract For many language teachers, a significant amount of classroom time is dedicated to helping students speak. Generally silent or reticent students are often encouraged to participate and speak more; their silence is deemed counterproductive and/or non-participatory. Because of this, much second-language acquisition (SLA) research has been dedicated to talk in the classroom and ways… Read more

Language Learning Beyond the Classrooom

Published Jun 16, 2015

Abstract David Nunan and Jack C. Richards have compiled an engaging collection of case studies focusing on out-of-class activities that facilitate autonomous learning for second language (L2) learners. Inspired by years of observing how successful language learners throughout the world are often highly motivated, reflect on their progress, set their own goals, and seek out… Read more

Linguistic Relativity in SLA: Thinking for Speaking

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract Over the past few decades, Second Language Acquisition (SLA) research has shown a growing interest in linguistic relativity, specifically in Slobin’s (1987, 1996) thinking-for-speaking hypothesis. The thinking-for-speaking hypothesis posits that language-specific structures direct the speaker’s attention to specific aspects of objects and events; such perceived information is then organized according to what can be grammatically coded in the… Read more

Conversation Analysis and Second Language Pedagogy: A Guide for ESL/EFL Teachers

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract Conversation Analysis and Second Language Pedagogy locates itself at the nexus of research and practice, connecting the findings of conversation analysis (CA) to language teaching. In one sense, the text contributes to an existing, growing body of research that links CA to second language (L2) classroom interaction (e.g. Markee, 2000; Mori, 2002; Seedhouse, 2004; Waring, 2008). However, unlike… Read more

Language Assessment in Practice

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract Language Assessment in Practice by Lyle Bachman and Adrian Palmer is a defining text within the field of language assessment. With an expected readership of students, language teachers with varying experience, applied linguists, professional language testers, materials developers and textbook writers, Language Assessment in Practice is ambitious at its core. Nonetheless, the authors‘ logical… Read more

Language Development Over the Lifespan

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract Language Development over the Lifespan, compiled by Kees de Bot and Robert W. Schrauf, is a collection of articles that explore language development—both language acquisition and language attrition—from a lifespan perspective. This volume of articles was, first of all, intended as a reference resource for research on language development and the aging process and… Read more

Teaching English Language Learners through Technology

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract As the fourth book in the series Teaching Language Learners Across the Curriculum, this volume by Tony Erben, Ruth Ban, and Martha Castañeda serves as a straightforward and practical handbook for pre-service and in-service K-12 classroom teachers who have no formal pedagogical training in second language teaching. Whereas the previous books in the series… Read more

Complex Systems and Applied Linguistics

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract With this monograph, Diane Larsen-Freeman and Lynne Cameron unveil a complex systems approach to applied linguistics in the first book-length introduction to the topic. Stirrings of a shift in this direction have begun to appear in Larsen-Freeman’s publications this past decade (e.g., 1997, 2002). Expanding on those early papers, this work is intended “to… Read more

Language Learner Strategies

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract Language Learner Strategies, an edited volume born from a series of meetings at the International Association of Applied Linguistics Congress in the early 2000s, provides a comprehensive overview into the past, present, and proposed future of the field of language learner strategies (LLS). Principally written for language or education researchers, this book is concerned… Read more

Formulaic Language: Pushing the Boundaries

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract As the construct of formulaic language gains sway in language acquisition theory and pedagogy, the number of publications on corresponding theoretical treatises and empirical research has also been on the grow. Formulaic Language: Pushing the Boundaries is the most recent monograph of one of the field’s authoritative figures, Alison Wray. Formulaic expressions or sequences,… Read more

Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics

Published Jun 4, 2015

Abstract Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics offers a detailed foray into all aspects of the role of the case study: the text defines terms related to this type of research, provides historical background on the method, and explains the process of performing and reporting case studies. Such a comprehensive introduction addresses a gap in… Read more